In jQuery mouse cursor effects provides a combination of events and methods, which allow HTML elements to change classes without clicking a button.
In this example mouseover event add classes to element, while mouseout doing the opposite, removes added classes of element.

Example how add and remove classes to elements

<title>IT present- jQuery example</title
.a  {background-image:url("images/pampkin.png");}
.b  {background-image:url("images/paws.png");}
.c  {background-image:url("images/wall.png");}
.d  {background-image:url("images/stars.png");}

<script src=""></script>

<img class="a" src="images/pumpkins.png">
<img class="b" src="images/paws.png">
<img class="c" src="images/wall.png">
<img class="d" src="images/stars.png">