Download XAMPP

XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution that allows you to create a local web server for testing purposes.
It can be used in all operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

Link for free download XAMPP for Windows:

Install XAMPP

The installation of XAMPP for Windows is very straightforward, just like you install any other program.
First, open the setup file that you downloaded from
Warning: XAMPP and Skype work on the same port, so it is necessary to close Skype on your computer if this program is running, otherwise Xampp will not start properly.

Run the XAMPP setup wizard, it will guide you through the easy steps to set up XAMPP on your Windows computer.

setup XAMPP

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bitnami cms

When the installation is complete, click on the xampp icon to open the control panel.
For simple test work, it's enough to start Apache port only.

control panel XAMPP

Then, in the address bar of your browser, type localhost or which is the standard ip address.
If everything is done correctly, you will open the xampp default web page.

How to Install XAMPP Server on Windows 10 (YouTube)

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