HTML Language Tutorial - pdf

This pdf tutorial leads you through the basics of Hyper Text Markup Language.

We will learn how to create HTML pages and their basic elements and tags.

pdf HTML Language Tutorial

HTML Marquee Element Tag

<marquee direction='left' behavior='scrool' scrollamount='20'>



Marquee Images in HTML

<marquee direction='left' behavior='scrool' scrollamount='25'>
<img src="heart.jpg"><img src="heart.jpg"> <img src="heart.jpg"><img src="heart.jpg"><img src="heart.jpg"><img src="heart.jpg">


All HTML Marquee Attributes

Attribute Value Description
behavior scroll
Defines the scrolling type.
bgcolor rgb(x,x,x)
Is used to give a background color.
direction up
Sets the direction for the scrolling content.
height pixels
Defines the marquee's height.
hspace pixels Defines horizontal space around the marquee.
loop number Defines how many times the content will scroll. If we don't define this, the content will scroll forever.
scrollamount number Defines the scrolling amount at each interval in pixels. Default value is 6.
scrolldelay seconds Defines how long delay will be between each jump. The default value is 85 and smaller amounts than 60 will be ignored.
truespeed seconds Is used to delay the scroll lesser than 60.
vspace pixels Defines vertical space around the marquee.
width pixels
Defines the marquee's width.

pdf HTML Language Tutorial

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